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Scales and Weights

Mini Table Top Sclaes - MTT-200
Out of Stock

Seperate large lid/bowl, backlit display, auto shut off, tare/cal facility, 3 year warranty.

Calculating Scales - CS-200
In Stock

Calculates the price of gold items. Remembers Gold Prices from 8k to 24k, Back-lit LCD Display, stainless steel platform, clear plastic lid/tray, tare/cal facility, overload protection, auto shut off, 3 year warranty.

Pocket Scale - PS120
In Stock

Pocket Scales 500g x 0.1g Displays weights in g/oz./ozt/dwt.

Tanita Mini Scale - T-1579
Out of Stock

Highly accurate precision pocket scale. 200g x 0.01g g/oz/ozt/dwt/ct/gn.

Tanita Scale (50 Carat) - 1210
In Stock

This proffesional digital carat scale includes a soft case, test weight and gem cup. Perfect for accuratley weighing diamonds and precious gems. 20g x 0.002g. g/ct/ozt/gn