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6000 Series Gents

Straps compatible to fit the Gents 6000 Series

**Important - Before ordering please note the reference of your clasp (written on the clasp beginning with “FC”) – this is needed to correctly select the strap you need. Please reference the below fitment details before ordering.**

Please note is for use with the following clasp numbers:
FC5004 or FC5005

Compatible with 6000 Series Gents Models:
CH1110, CH1111, CH1112, CH1113, CH1114, CH1115, CH1116, CH1117, CH1118, CH1119, CH1150, CH1151, CH1152, CH1153, CH5110, CH5111, CH5112, CH5113, CH5114, CH5150CH5152, WH1111, WH1112, WH1113, WH1114, WH1115, WH1116, WH1117, WH1118, WH1119, WH1151, WH1152, WH1153, WH514, WH5111, WH5112, WH5113, WH5114, WH5115, WH5116