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Newness Incoming: Hundreds of New Watch Strap Styles in Stock Now!

By on Thu 11 January 2024

Newness Incoming: Hundreds of New Watch Strap Styles in Stock Now!


This month we’ve got so many new ranges here at LBS it’s hard to know what to shout about first! With hundreds of new watch strap styles available to order now, let's dive into the highlights of some of our latest collections.




Available exclusively in black, our fantastic new Sports Alligator Grain watch strap comes alive due to the bold, bright stitching that is its focal feature. Perfect for any sports watch or chronograph, the stitching can be used to colour match features on the dial or bezel. Alternatively, it simply adds a subtle splash of colour. 

This premium strap has a semi-padded construction which increases in thickness as it nears the case. Also, it has a perforated lining for extra breathability and comfort. Equipped with integrated quick release spring bars, the wearer can swap between straps in seconds.

The Sports Alligator Grain strap is available with stitching in Black and White and well as in bright colours such as Red, Orange, Yellow and Blue. It’s also offered in sizes 18mm-22mm. 


Sticking with our premium collection, our new Perforated Hand Finished Straps are a unique, one-of-a-kind partner for a high end timepiece. A new take on the traditional style, perforated straps increase air flow to the wrist and look particularly great on racing chronographs and the like. Hand-painted, the straps have a distinct depth and texture which gives them a rustic, vintage feel. Available in the earthy tones of Dark Brown, Light Brown, Red, Blue, and Green in from sizes 18mm to 22mm.


Beautifully supple, our new Hand Burnished range of watch straps have been crafted to an exceptionally high standard. Meticulously buffed by hand, the darker edges have a subtle, worn-in effect that enhances its character. Offered in Dark Brown, Light Brown and Red in widths 18mm to 22mm, this luxurious strap epitomises elegance and craftsmanship.


For those seeking an eco-friendly alternative to leather, we proudly introduce our Cork Watch Strap in Brown and Tan. Sourced from the bark of cork oak trees, this renewable resource is not only natural but also sustainable, as it can be harvested repeatedly without harming the trees. Lightweight and hypoallergenic, it's a perfect choice for individuals with sensitive skin or material allergies.




If you’ve struggled to find silicone straps for your customers in colours other than black, our fantastic new range of Quick Release Plain Silicone Straps provides the solution. Available in a rainbow palette of 13 vibrant colours, it’s also offered in sizes 12mm – 22mm, making it suitable for women’s watches as well as men’s. The integrated quick release spring bars mean that customers can swap the straps themselves, offering you the opportunity to sell multiple straps.

A versatile strap range to keep in stock, we suggest keeping at least one of every colour in a variety of sizes.


Previously only available for Smart Watches, our new Quick Release Plain Silicone Strap has a standard quick release fitting for regular watches! Available in a huge range of contemporary two-tone colourways, these practical, stylish straps give an instant lift to any watch with a 20mm lug width. Also, a folding clasp ensures they’re quick and easy to take on and off. Choose from on-trend colours including Grey/Orange, Red/Pink and Cream/Blue





Nylon straps have made a notable comeback in recent years, often in the military one-piece NATO style. However, our new Nylon Straps offer a fresh take as a two-piece strap with the convenience of a quick release fitting. Available in a range of muted tones such as Black and Grey, as well as vibrant options like Red, Orange, and Green, these versatile straps cater for sizes from 18mm to 24mm.


Bund Straps are enjoying a style revival and look great paired with a larger tool watch or to help a small watch wear more prominently. Also, they’re a practical solution for anyone who has a metal allergy. A Bund Watch Strap is a standard two-piece leather strap with an additional layer of leather sitting beneath the watch. It has the appearance of a leather cuff. The strap is fed through a wide pad which forms a protective shield between the wrist and the caseback of the watch. 

Bund Straps look amazing paired with chronographs and dive watches particularly vintage models: completely transforming the look of a timepiece. Our fantastic new range of Bund Straps are made from soft, premium leather. Available in four sizes from 18mm-24mm, they’re offered in four heritage shades: Dark Green, Tan, Dark Brown and Black.


At LBS we pride ourselves on having one of the biggest ranges of watch straps in the world. We’re constantly responding to the needs of the market ensuring you have the very latest products at your fingertips. Our expansive inventory, coupled with our unwavering dedication to quality and innovation, means you can confidently meet the demands of your customers and surpass their expectations. With LBS, you're equipped to offer a diverse selection of watch straps, from the traditional and sophisticated to the modern and stylish. In a rapidly changing industry, staying ahead and meeting your customers' evolving preferences is essential. At LBS, we’re not just your supplier; we’re your partner in success. Explore our latest introductions on our website today and stay ahead of the curve.