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Introducing: LBS Drop-shipping Services

By LBS on Thu 28 March 2024

Introducing: LBS Drop-shipping Services 

How to Grow Your Watch Strap Sales with Minimal Investment

At LBS, we understand that one of the biggest barriers to operating a successful online watch strap business is the necessity for an extensive stock inventory. With hundreds of styles available in varying sizes, maintaining inventory for every strap is an almost insurmountable challenge. Wouldn’t it be great if there was a way to expand your watch strap offer without the burden of managing inventory or fulfilling orders? Well, there is! At LBS, we've developed a drop-shipping service specifically tailored to address the challenges faced by retailers, shops, and e-commerce brands.


Here's how it works:

Our Team fulfils your drop ship order from our extensive inventory


Extensive Selection: Our custom-built distribution centre houses one of the world's largest selections of watch straps, ensuring that retailers have access to a diverse range of products to meet their customers' needs.

Access to Digital Imagery: No need to invest in expensive product photography. All the digital assets you need are supplied by LBS.

Seamless Integration: With our drop-shipping service, retailers can seamlessly integrate LBS products into their existing catalogue. Simply provide us with a packing slip, and we'll take care of the rest, shipping watch straps directly to your customers on your behalf.

Customisation Options: We understand the importance of branding and customer experience. That's why we offer custom packaging options, allowing you to include your logo and brand name on the packaging for a personalised touch.

Sell Internationally:  Whether your customer is in the UK or overseas, LBS can drop-ship to them on your behalf.

Focus on Growth: Partnering with LBS for drop-shipping services means you can free up valuable time and resources to focus on your business. Whether it's expanding product offerings, enhancing marketing efforts, or improving customer service, our streamlined approach to order fulfilment enables retailers to concentrate on what matters most.


Just a small selection of our daily drop ship orders!

Product Ideas:

Like the idea of drop-shipping but not sure where to start? How about with smart watch straps? A 2023 U.K. survey found that 22 percent of respondents used a smartwatch. Smartwatches were even more popular among people aged 16-24 years, with a staggering 29 percent using one. Quite simply: the market for smartwatch straps is enormous.

With LBS drop-shipping services, you can cater to this growing segment of tech-savvy consumers without the need for upfront investment in inventory. Let us handle the logistics while you focus on capitalising on this lucrative opportunity!

Our selection of smartwatch straps is both on-trend and functional. Compatible with Apple Watches®, our extensive ranges include silicone, magnetic, fabric and leather straps. Also, we offer compatible straps for Google® Watches, Garmin®, and Fitbit®.


Compatible Apple Watch® Straps in custom packaging ready for drop shipping


How to Get Started:

Ready to grow your watch strap sales?

Get in touch with us today to explore how we can collaborate and help you grow your watch strap business. Whether you're a small boutique shop or a large e-commerce brand, our drop-shipping services are here to support businesses of all sizes.