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LBS Bespoke Watch Strap Service

By on Wed 03 April 2024

Our Bespoke Watch Strap Service

Increase customer satisfaction with our fantastic Bespoke Strap Service. Single watch straps, handmade in Italy, allow you to go beyond the ordinary: satisfying the unique needs of your clientele.

Why Might Your Customer Need a Bespoke Strap?

There are two compelling reasons why a bespoke strap may be the right option: the challenge of sourcing a strap with the perfect fit and an optimal price point.

Unusual Fitting

For watches with unusual or integral fittings, it can seem impossible to find a strap to fit the case. Also, the strap may need to accept the original clasp which could be a deployant buckle or special design. Sometimes the manufacturer has stopped making the original strap. In these instances, the customer is faced with a watch that they can no longer wear.


Original, branded straps can be prohibitively expensive. Although your client may love their high-end luxury watch, the cost of replacing the strap stacks up over many years. They are looking for a more affordable, long-term option.

Enter our Bespoke Watch Strap Service!

The Bespoke Strap Service

Our bespoke watch straps are handmade in Italy. With almost 95 years of expertise, the factories we work with manufacture the original straps for many of the world’s most luxurious brands.

How it Works

Send your client’s original watch strap to us along with any special requests for colour or leather type. Our team take precise measurements and obtain a quotation for you. Once approved, expect a swift turnaround time of 2-3 weeks for the creation of your bespoke strap. Prices are very reasonable with genuine skins like crocodile and alligator incurring a higher cost and longer turnaround time due to CITES certification requirements. As a B2B wholesaler we do not publish the costs openly. Please contact us today fora quotation. 

Examples of Bespoke Straps

What better way to explore the opportunities offered by our expertly crafted bespoke straps than with some real-life examples!



This bespoke strap is for a Panerai with a special fitting. Not only does the strap have cut-away sides so it’s integral to the case, it’s also built-up at the ends so that it curves in line with the case. Utilising the customer’s original Panerai clasp, the bespoke strap is made from a beautiful, blue alligator grain leather with stitched edges. We think it’s even better than the original and the customer does too!



Many Cartier straps have a unique clasp. This bespoke strap is an exact copy of the customer’s original in brown alligator grain calf. Padded near the case but flat at the ends, it accepts the original clasp perfectly.

Even the most well-worn of watch straps can be used as a pattern! This Cartier strap was falling apart but its dimensions were used to produce a beautiful new strap. Narrow and without a taper, this hard-to-find strap also has a square end to accept the original clasp. Our client's customer was so delighted, she ordered three straps, so she had two as back-up.


For a ladies Ebel watch with fixed lugs, this bespoke open-ended strap offers the perfect solution. Hand crafted from the same soft, black suede leather as the original, it’s practically identical.

LBS & Bespoke Straps: Exceeding Expectations

Our Bespoke Strap Service offers the solution for every hard-to-find strap dilemma.

Whatever the fitting, size, colour, or leather type, a handmade strap can be made to your customer’s specific needs and requirements. If your client needs a specialist strap, contact us today for a quotation. We look forward to showing you what can be done!