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How To Upsell A Watch Strap

By on Mon 25 September 2023

Knowledge: How to Upsell a Watch Strap


Offering watch straps in a range of price points gives your customers choice. It’s why at LBS we offer ranges across three categories: Budget, Essential and Premium. However, it’s important to understand the benefits of your more premium straps in order that you can upsell. In this article we look at various watch straps and consider the benefits that the premium options offer.


Padded Alligator Grain


Budget                                                                                                 Premium



             R620S                                                                                                   WH800                



Both these popular LBS straps are lightly padded, in a matt finish and with an alligator grain. Also, they are both stitched with a nubuck lining. However, the strap on the left is from our Budget range whereas the strap on the right is from our Premium range.

Outwardly they both look quite similar. However, if you present them both to the customer for them to handle, they should immediately be able to tell which one is the premium strap. The premium strap is made of a superior grade of leather and consequently feels more supple. Also, it’s an artisan made product and it’s clear to see and feel the extra time, care and detail that goes into its construction. Furthermore, the buckle fitted to the premium strap is made from stainless steel and is more substantial. On the other hand, the budget strap has an aluminium buckle.

Ultimately, the premium strap is a more durable option because it’s made from a higher grade of leather to a higher specification. Although it costs more, it’s likely to last longer.

If the customer has a budget watch, then the budget strap is the perfect choice. All LBS straps are well made, and we buy huge quantities to keep our prices low.

However, if the customer has a quality watch, then the premium strap is a more suitable choice. After all, you wouldn’t wear cheap shoes with a hand-made suit. It’s about pairing like with like.


Plain Padded


Budget                                                                                                 Premium



           E105P                                                                                                   WH891


The differences between these two plain padded straps are initially a little harder to see. Although both straps have stitched edges and a stitched buckle, the main difference is in the quality of the leather. The budget strap on the left is made using a combination of leather and synthetic materials. However, the premium strap on the right is made from a superior leather.

The premium strap has padding which deepens as the strap meets the watch case. This provides an elegant look. Additionally, the premium strap has a soft, nubuck lining whereas the budget strap does not. Furthermore, the budget strap has a cut edge whereas the leather on the edges on the premium strap are semi-remborded. This means that the leather is turned around the edges. This makes the strap stronger and helps to prevent moisture penetration.


Grained Crocodile and Genuine Crocodile

Premium (Grained)                                                                                         Premium (Genuine Crocodile)



                        WH603                                                                                                 W674                                  

In this example, both straps are premium. The customer is looking for a high-end blue strap with either a Crocodile or Alligator pattern. The strap on the left is grained which means the pattern is embossed on the superior-grade leather. It has not come from an alligator. However, the strap on the right is an exotic skin which means it is made from the skin of a crocodile. Both straps are showstoppers, made to the highest standards and would pair perfectly with a luxury watch.

If you present both these options to a customer, it’s important to explain the difference. A Genuine Crocodile Strap is considered one of the finest options for high-end formal timepieces. Not only is the leather durable, but each strap has a unique pattern. Hand made in Italy; the crocodile skin is buffed using agate to give it its high shine. The skin is then cut by hand to ensure the scales match on the two pieces. In short, it’s an artisan-made strap of the highest quality. Also, it’s important to explain that our exotic skins come exclusively from breeding farms and are regulated by CITIES (the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora). This is an international agreement between governments which aim to ensure that international trade in specimens of wild animals and plants does not threaten their survival.

The Alligator Grain Strap has a more relaxed feel with its contrast stitching, squared off end and heavy stainless-steel buckle. Moreover, it’s a great alternative for anyone who prefers to choose leather that is a byproduct rather than farmed exotic skin for their watch strap. Although the Genuine Crocodile Strap has the higher price, here it’s a case of presenting both options to the customer and allowing them to choose.



Budget                                                                                                 Premium


8003 Silicone                                                                                                      821 FKM

If your customer is looking for a water-resistant strap for a sports watch, a rubber strap is an excellent choice. Practical and easy to maintain, they’re suitable for many different activities and occasions. ‘Rubber’ tends to be a catch-all term, but there are a few different types of straps that fall into this category.

At the budget end, Silicone is a popular choice. Like Resin and PU (Polyurethane), it’s affordable. However, the advantage over resin is that it’s more flexible. The strap pictured on the left is made from Silicone. Resistant to saltwater, UV rays, and extreme temperatures, it’s an ideal strap for outdoor activities.

However, if the customer has a luxury sports watch, a Silicone or PU strap isn’t going to cut it. In this instance, a strap made from FKM (Fluoroelastomer) is a more suitable choice. Considered the epitome of high-end rubber straps, FKM is a class of man-made rubber. It has great density but is soft to touch. This makes it exceptionally flexible and comfortable to wear, even for those with sensitive skin. It’s also able to withstand harsh conditions such as high temperatures and chemicals.


Upselling Straps – Do’s and Don’ts

We appreciate that there is no one better placed to sell our watch straps than experienced retailers. However, if any members of your team could benefit from some useful tips, please see our list of Do's and Don'ts below:



1.Know your products: Be well-informed about the watch straps you are selling, including their features, materials, and benefits.

2.Read your customer. Listen actively: Pay attention to your customer's needs, preferences, and concerns. Listen actively to understand what they are looking for from their watch strap. Are they most concerned about comfort or aesthetics? Quality or durability?

3. Let the customer decide on affordability: Don't bring up the price until you've made a compelling case for the item based on the customer's desires. Allow them to consider the price on their own.

4. Upsell quality: Emphasise the durability, craftsmanship, and style of the watch straps to convey their value.

5. Highlight multiple price ranges: Present at least three price options to help customers make informed decisions. Avoid focusing solely on the cheapest option.

6. Make the straps tangible: Put the watch straps in the customer's hands, allowing them to feel and examine the product while you describe its features and benefits.

7. Seek long-term customer satisfaction: Aim for a successful upsell that leads to a satisfied customer who becomes loyal. Build a long-term relationship by offering helpful suggestions tailored to their needs.



1.Don't pressure the customer: Avoid using high-pressure sales tactics that might make the customer uncomfortable or rushed.

2.Don't assume the customer's budget: Avoid making assumptions about the customer's budget without first understanding their preferences.

3.Don't push unnecessary features: Avoid trying to upsell features that the customer doesn't need or want.

4.Don't dismiss lower-priced options: Avoid disregarding lower-priced options, as they may be the best fit for the customer's needs.

5.Don't neglect customer objections: Don't ignore or dismiss customer concerns or objections; address them thoughtfully.

6.Don't forget to educate: Avoid assuming the customer knows all the details; educate them about the benefits and features of different straps.

7.Don't rush the process: Avoid rushing; give the customer time to consider their options.

8.Don't treat every customer the same: Avoid using a one-size-fits-all approach; tailor your sales strategy to each customer's unique needs and preferences.