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Why Your Display is the Key to Increasing Your Watch Strap Sales

By on Thu 09 November 2023

Why Your Display is the Key to Increasing Your Watch Strap Sales

All retailers know the importance of effective merchandising. It’s quite possible to take a jewellery item that’s been in stock for a while, display it in a new and attractive way, and then immediately sell it. Also, retailers understand that consumers need choice. It’s always easier to sell a product when it’s not isolated.

Consumers need clear options in terms of style, quality, and price point to make informed decisions. If you’ve ever got new stock in, displayed it alongside older stock and then sold one of the older items, you’ll know this works.

How you merchandise your watch strap stock is arguably even more important than how you display your stock of jewellery and watches. It’s vital that watch strap sales don’t take too long as this is time you could be spending on higher ticket sales.

Organisation is key. However, today’s watch strap customer could be tomorrow’s diamond ring customer. Therefore, it’s important to find a balance between a rapid sale and a satisfied customer who was able to find the right strap for them. This article explores why the solution is having the right display with an effective stock management system in place. 


Assess Your Display

Have a look at your current watch strap display and ask yourself these questions: -

  1. Is it clear to your customers that you sell watch straps?
  2. Does your display look visually appealing?
  3. If a customer is looking for a budget strap or a premium strap, is it easy to go directly to the straps that suit their needs?
  4. Is the display full without any empty spaces?
  5. Do you always have the sizes you need?
  6. When new stock comes in, is it easy to know where to put it in the display?
  7. Can you fit all your watch strap stock in the display?

If you’ve answered “no” to two or more of these questions, it’s time to update your display. 


Why you Need a New Display

1) Make it Clear You Sell Watch Straps

Firstly, customers need to know that you sell watch straps. They shouldn’t have to ask. A smart-looking display immediately makes it clear that you have what your customers need. If your display is tucked away, consider utilising some wall space with a Wall Display. Fill it with straps in a rainbow palette of colours to demonstrate the wide choice you have available.


2) An Attractive Display Suggests Up to Date Stock

If you’re presenting watch straps from a tired looking display that’s seen better days, it suggests that your watch straps are tired and dated too. Your customers are looking to update their watch with a new strap. Your display and selection need a crisp, fresh appearance to give confidence to the consumer that your selection is current and stylish enough to refresh their timepiece.


3) Group Straps by Quality and Price

Most watch strap sellers offer a selection across our Essential and Premium ranges whilst many retailers additionally offer straps from our Economy range. Either way, it’s important to group the higher priced straps separately from the mid-range and lower priced straps. That way if a customer has a clear budget in mind, you can go directly to the straps that suit their needs. Also, you can easily see which straps are the next step up in quality and price so you can explain the benefits they offer.


4) A Full Display = Maximum Rotation

If you show a customer a drawer or tray with lots of gaps, you’re giving the impression that the most popular straps have already sold. Also, there are certain straps that sell repeatedly. You need to ensure these are regularly replaced so that you can achieve maximum stock rotation. For good sellers, consider keeping a small back up stock. Otherwise, get into the habit of reordering weekly to keep the display looking full.


5) Stand Mapping Ensures You Always have the Sizes You Need

LBS Stand Mapping ensures every slot in your display is for a designated strap in a particular size. Utilising our system means you’ll never be without the size you need again. If your stand doesn’t have mapping in place, speak to our team today.

6) Accommodate Your Latest Stock

If your stand mapping is out of date, it means your display no longer has dedicated spaces for new best-selling lines. Don’t be tempted just to put your latest stock in a drawer because there’s nowhere for it to go. It won’t sell in there! Speak to LBS about updating your display with the latest stand mapping.


7) Ensuring Your Latest Stock Fits in the Display

If you have more stock than fits in your display, a larger capacity display may be the answer. Our STA3 Counter Top Display Stand is available in Pine, Dark Wood or White and can accommodate 356 leather straps and metal bracelets. Also, if you combine it with a Lockable Podium, you can store excess stock inside.

Your main display is your “go to” and should contain your mapped range.

If you have additional stock, our Watch Strap Display Folders provide an easy solution. Dedicating a folder to each strap size means you can easily find the straps you need. Try to use these as a vehicle to clear the older straps through, keeping your main display as your primary selling space.


Maximising Your Watch Strap Sales

Attempting to sell watch straps in a disorganised way is unnecessarily difficult and time consuming. It doesn’t create the right impression with your customers and loses you daily revenue.

At LBS we’ve been in the business of selling watch straps for over 30 years. We understand that every strap seller has different display requirements, and this is why we offer display solutions for every retail environment. Let us take the stress away. Contact us today to discuss how we can help you to increase customer satisfaction and maximise your watch strap sales.