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An Introduction to Morellato Watch Straps

By LBS on Thu 11 January 2024

An Introduction to Morellato Watch Straps


Did you know that as well as our own incredible range of watch straps, you can now also easily access Morellato Italian watch straps through LBS? We’re proud to be the sole UK distributor of this heritage brand who are a global leader in watch straps. In this article we’ll delve into the world of Morellato: their origins, values, and what makes their straps unique. Also, we’ll highlight the reasons why a range of Morellato straps complements your existing offer.


Morellato: Then and Now

Morellato was founded in Italy in 1930 by Giulio Morellato. Based in Venice, the Morellato workshop built a reputation for the quality of their handmade straps. 

The Morellato workshop

In the '60s, a close colleague of Giulio Morellato, Silvano Carraro, took over the company, which he led for 20 years before he brought his two sons, Massimo, and Marco, into the business. Massimo is the current CEO, so Morellato continues as a family business to this day.

Today, the company is the European leader in manufacturing Italian made watch straps. Also, Morellato produces the original straps for some of the most prestigious names in the Swiss watch industry.


Manufatti Collection

Morellato produces a huge collection of straps. However, it is their Manufatti collection which best represents their Italian “Savoir Faire”. All straps in the Manufatti collection are handmade at the company’s own facility on the outskirts of Venice. Using only the finest vegetable tanned hides from Italian tanneries, all Manufatti straps are made entirely by hand: from the cutting of the leather to the stitching and the finishing. Details such as double stitching at the ends, stitching at the buckle, lined loops, and a satin ribbon holding the loop in place, all combine to elevate Manufatti straps to the highest levels of luxury. 

Traditional saddle stitch


All Manufatti straps are hand stitched


Pelli Preziose Collection

The Pelli Preziose or ‘precious skins’ collection is crafted from exotic skins such as genuine alligator, crocodile, lizard, and snake. Whereas most strap manufacturers stock a handful of straps made from precious skins, Morellato offer a comprehensive range. The Amadeus Genuine Alligator strap alone comes in 12 different colours including pink and red alongside the more traditional black and brown. In Genuine Crocodile, Mombasa is a popular design and comes in three colours. For a Genuine Lizard strap, look no further than Violino in many beautiful shades including purple and burgundy.

A Pelli Preziose Genuine Crocodile Strap


As with the Manufatti collection, Pelli Preziose straps are handmade in Italy. The skins are cut by hand ensuring that the scale on the two strap pieces match. 


Only the most premium alligator watch straps are cut from the largest scales which run down the centre of the skin. This helps to explain the premium price attached to these watch straps as only a small number of premium straps can be cut from each skin.


The edges of the straps are coloured individually.

Precious skins are buffed using agate to give a beautiful, glossy finish.


Sport Collection

Morellato is constantly innovating. This is best demonstrated in the Sport Collection where water resistant leather straps such as Regatta, Sailing and Rowing provide comfortable yet durable options in a range of vibrant colours. 

Blue Water-Resistant Strap

Essentials Collection

The wide-ranging Essentials collection contains many of Morellato’s most popular, best-selling straps. With arguably the best quality/price ratio on the market, these straps cannot be beaten. From the classical 1930 range to Performance straps and the Green Collection made from vegan-friendly non-leather materials, these straps offer a diverse selection to suit every style and preference.

The Bolle Range from the Essentials Collection is a perennial best seller.

Save the Nature Collection

This collection focuses on sustainable straps made from recycled materials including recycled leather and recycled plastic bottles. Popular straps such as Corfu, made from Garbadine recycled fabric, are offered in a range of colours. Additionally, Morellato uses other materials such as water-based glue which also impact less on the environment.

Corfu ‘Save the Nature Strap’ in Brown


How do Morellato Maintain the Highest Levels of Quality?

To maintain the highest levels of quality, Morellato were the first European watch strap manufacturer to have their own in-house laboratory. Firstly, all batches of incoming raw materials are tested.

Furthermore, the finished straps undergo intensive testing, which lasts 3 days. They are tested for their strength, friction resistance, resistance to sweat (using direct contact with synthetic sweat), resistance against UV radiation and water resistance.

These strict quality inspections and tests ensure that that Morellato straps are among the finest in the industry, meeting rigorous standards for durability, comfort, and aesthetic appeal.

Testing straps for water resistance


How does Morellato Maintain its Trendsetting Edge?

Situated in Milan, one of the fashion capitals of the world, Morellato conducts meticulous "style research" from its own offices. Whether drawing inspiration from trending materials in footwear, luggage, or leather goods, or staying abreast of the latest colours showcased on the catwalk or in street style, Morellato remains finely attuned to ever-evolving trends. This ensures their strap collection remains fresh and is always at the forefront of watch strap innovation. 

Morellato straps in summery pastel shades.




The Perfect Balance of Tradition with Modernity

Finally, we have been lucky enough to visit the Morellato factory in Italy twice in the last few years. If you compare the historical photo of the factory at the beginning of this article with the modern view of the production as seen in the video below, it’s interesting to note that then, as now, almost all the artisans making the straps are women. We are told that for such intricate, skilled work, it’s necessary to have small, nimble hands! It’s wonderful to see how the traditional methods of strap manufacturing have remained the same for over 90 years whilst embracing technological advancements in terms of testing and the use of innovative materials.


8 Good Reasons to Stock Morellato


  • Option to upsell the benefits of Italian watch straps to your customers
  • Access to a huge selection of handmade straps – all reasonably priced
  • Comprehensive selection of straps made from precious skins – all conforming to CITES regulations
  • Range of Eco-friendly straps made from recycled materials
  • Sports range – made from leather and technical materials – guaranteed water resistant
  • Straps with easy-click and spring bar fittings
  • Range of best-selling Essentials straps
  • Easy to order from LBS – either online or by phone. No need to open a new account with another supplier!